Las Colibritas/  hummingbirds 

Women Artists in Recovery
2021 Entrepreneurship Initiative


Providing women artists in recovery with support, resources, and education to pursue their entrepreneurship endeavors for financial independence and freedom

  VENMO @colibrita
Specific Project to be funded: 
Las Colibritas in Recovery
Crescent Moon Center
Week in Recovery Pilot Program
July 13th to 18th

What: Dedicating time and space to focus on healing from addiction, coping strategies around past traumas, eliminating the barriers of internal shame, building confidence in a peer-to-peer atmosphere; in an effort to be unhindered towards financial freedom

We are fundraising to help with costs for lodging and transportation. While the program is free, there still are significant costs for our Colibritas in recovery with lodging and transportation.

We are mending the little wings of our Colibritas. Help us fly free. 


For more info please contact:, 4153140585

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Sober: 1 year


With a concentration in stories through film that weave a theme of perseverance Ruth Patricia’s resilience and hope is embodied through the narratives she presents.  


Sober: 2 years


2 years in active recovery, Valerie loves the world of creation and building, with a history of large-scale builds for music festivals and Las Vegas shows. She earned her associates degree in Science, while including art classes every semester. 


Sober: 2 years 4 months


Tanya is a producer, artist, and writer. Sobriety is the best decision she ever made. Excited to be a part of this collaboration; Tanya is eagerly awaiting the next adventure just around the corner.

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